Welcome to our new website, "always" under construction. The picture above was taken on our elk hunt, in 2009, north of Prescott.  Sadly not all the girls in this picture are with us today.

"Rose" left us suddenly on Sept 11, 2011 right after we participated in the 10-year "9/11" memorial downtown.  She was just 9 1/2 years and had a mysterious heart issue arise that she could not recover from.  We were devastated by her sudden loss.  She was one of our "April Fools" babies, born on that day on 2002.

We lost one of our girls in the picture above, Mikey, on May 7, 2012.  Mikey is our "Weimviz", her mom is a weimaraner and her dad a Vizsla. Visit her page.

2014 had been a tough year for us personally, we lost both of our senior girls, Turbo and Reno.  These girls brought us so much joy and happiness over the years and we will treasure our memories of them forever.  Turbo was our top AKC title holder across all venues while Reno was our top show winner with multiple group placements over her show career.  Both made it to almost 13 1/2 years.

2016 was another tough year and we had to say goodbye to two more of our girls, "Kayla", our runaway girl as we referred to her after her getting lost two days back in 2011, what a nightmare but we got her back, then she gave us a scare the same year and had a life-threatening heart issue that we got her through and then we called her our miracle girl.  Now she has joined her sister, Rose, our other "April Fools" baby, born on April Fools Day in 2002.  in addition to Kayla, we lost our Charlie - "Bucket head" - in May, just 8 weeks later, at age 10 1/2.  her loss was very hard as we thought she had more years to share with us.

2017 has started out with us saying goodbye to the last of our April Fools babies, "Star", the last of the three sisters we kept out of that 2002 litter so "Star" has joined her two other sisters at the ripe old age of 15yrs.  We then tragically lost our beloved Breezy at just 4 years to pneumonia in March.  Her loss has devastated us.  We added a new member to the family amidst this saddest of times, Chevy is our puppy Bracco Italiano and will have her own page soon.

2018 The start of this new year brings us two new puppies:  Tori, our new Weimaraner and Carson is our new Vizsla puppy.  Watch for pictures to be posted soon.  Then, in the first week of December, we added another weim to our family, River, cousin to Tori.