Snakebreak Clinics


  We offer snake avoidance training clinics for all breeds, all are welcome.  We use a live, Western Diamondback rattlesnake that has been milked and defanged prior to each clinic.  The snake is not contained in any way throughout the session.  The clinics are set up in a desert setting and the snake is set out in the open, as natural a setting as possible. The owner is then instructed by us on how to approach the snake and we then work through the session until the dog has learned the desired behavior.

We typically hold our clinics in several locations.   They are held in the cooler temps, spring and fall as we have learned over time that no one works well in the heat, us, the dogs or even the snake!  A link to maps to each area are located within the image of "Buzz".  I have inserted Google Map links that hopefully work as intended.

Contact us at or, call us at 623-258-7193. Leave a message if no answer.

In case you have multiple dogs, we have kept our rates low with those out there like us in mind!  We also discount for those additional dogs.    

Upcoming Clincs


We will be holding a Spring 2019 clinic at the Surprise site and the date will be March 23rd, a Saturday so please RSVP if you wish to be included.  Clinic will be from 7am until 9am.

Clinic Locations

We have three "standard" sites:

  • Surprise location - no change to this site.
  • Deer Creek Animal Hospital location relocating for 2019.
  • Wickenburg location is moving, stay posted for updates on this new location, TBD.

Please click on the image of the snake to go to the Clinic Location page for maps(once determined).

Surprise Site

Directions and link to Surprise location:

The clinic site is due south of the intersection of 163rd Avenue and Highway 60(Grand Ave). We locate the clinic out in the open field which is plainly seen from the highway. 

Deer Creek Animal Hospital Site is moving - TBD

  The location of the Deer Creek Animal Hospital site will be relocating as the adjacent area we've been using has been developed and is no longer available for our use so stay posted for our update on the new location, somewhere nearby we expect.

Wickenburg - Site is TBD