Weimaraner-Vizsla, "WEIMVIZ"


  Mikey, our namesake, holds a very special place in our hearts.  Mikey is our "Weimviz".  She was the most wonderful "oops" you could ever have hoped for.  Her mom was Chester, our "Princess Chester" actually and her dad was Mr. Edge, Taunees Cutting Edge.  A product of two wonderful parentage, one weimaraner and the other vizsla, the combination was a perfect balance of the two breeds.

Mikey and her only sibling, Murphy, were whelped on June 26, 1999.  She was the first pup we got from our Chester.  She was smart, fast and took after her mother in many ways.  To us she more closely resembled the weimaraner than her sister so we decided to keep her and let her sister go to a wonderful home of a nice young couple as their first dog.  Murphy is what her call name is and she lived with them and their family.  Sadly Murphy has joined her sister over the Rainbow Bridge, she joined her this July 23rd.  The weimviz sisters have rejoined their mom, our Chester, a.k.a., "Princess Chester".  I have put several pictures of Murphy below her sister, Mikey.

Here are a few pictures of Mikey and her adopted family, both red & grey.  She is the link that makes them all "family".  With half-sisters on both sides, Turbo and Reno.

Mikey sadly left us on May 7, 2012 was her last day as part of our household though she remains with us forever in our hearts and memories.  There will never be another like her and she will be sadly missed from our daily lives.